The below applies for the event 21-23 May 2022


Any pre-registration is non-binding and does not require any payment.

We will keep your posted when we like you to commit and once payment is made your registration becomes binding (bindande anmälan) and your payment is non-refundable (ingen återbetalning).

Exceptions from the non-refundable terms are as follows;

For all participants - Swedish and foreign

  • Any payment made would be refundable if decisions from the authorities Länsstyrelsen or the Police prevent the track owners from allowing us to execute our event. Such decision is taken exclusively by the track owners.

Only foreign participants

In addition to the above but only applicable for Non-Swedish citizen participants resident outside of Sweden

  • Due to the potentially changing Covid-19 regulations in various countries and the uncertainty this could represented to travel to the 2022 May event, we offered a full refund for non-Swedish citizens resident outside of Sweden up until 2 days prior to the event, ie latest for written cancellation latest by the 18th of May 2022


Any bookings for accommodation and/or dinner arrangements is between you as participant and the Hotel and/or restaurant and is consequently beyond our control and responsibility.

Please make sure to contact the hotel for more information. 


The Corona storm did cast a shadow over the 2020 and 2021 events.

But togheter we made it work in a safe and orderly way in both 2020 and 2021 and we could enjoy two events that were fully compliant with the regulations and guidelines from the authorities.

We all hope that we can look forward to the 2022 event without any Covid-19 restrictions but should we have to, we feel confident that we once again can organize an event with all the necessary precautions inplace to keep all participants, guests and staff safe.


When you Pre-register you will be invited to our private (closed) 964 Tribe Hangout Facebook group in order to communicate all thing related to the event, get to know eachother before the event and to get in the mood :-)

In addition you will also be updated via e-mail and through this website with all relevant information for the event.