964 TROPHY - MAY 2023

Welcome to participate in the 964 Trophy.

This is a regularity test at moderate and safe speed.

The test is about to perform two laps with a minimum of time difference during a separate 10 minute driving session. This 964 Trophy driving session is not a part of the normal driving sessions during the 964 Tribe Hangout.

To safeguard the moderate speed, you are not allowed to driver any faster than a laptime corresponding to 1 minute 20 seconds .

Flow, momnetum and smooth and consisten driving will imporive your test result, speed and hard breaking will not!


  1. You can use any racetrack app you like.
  2. We like the RaceChrono app. It can be downloaded here at https://racechrono.com/ for the App Store or Goggle Play. There is a Pro version (approx 20 Euro) and, we belive a free version for Andriod. Harrys Laptimer have a Rookie version that we also belive is free.
  3. Before you start your driving session, you start the app in the pits and choose "Sturup" as track.
  4. Place your mobile so that it is not visibile while you are driving and drive as many laps you like during your 10 min test session.
  5. Once your driving session is ended you take a screenshot of your results and forward it by e-mail to jonas.nilsson@964tribehangout.com and we will select the two laps with the minimum difference.
  6. During our dinner Friday evening (19th) we will have a prizegiving cermony :-)