We have some friends that share our passion for active driving. They contribute to 964 Tribe Hangout in different ways but most importanly do they have a sincere and personal intrest in what we do. During our events they are there to inspire us with their respective angles on our passion.

The team at Porsche Center Malmö and Helsingborg are true trackday & racing entusiasts & and pro´s.

Great to have them joining us also for 2021. The will take an active part at our events and with their driver skills also contribute to improve our flow and pace on the tracks.

We are happy to have JRZ joining us for 2021 and to enlight and inspire us of what can be achived with our 964's.

André Hammer of AH-Racing Sweden, one of JRZ's retailers, will of course be onsite with his 993 and 964.

Here is a review of how JRZ works on my 964 Hawaii.

Since 1958, the best and safest way to experience the Nürburgring regardless if it is your first visit or you already know all about the Nordschleife

We have great plans to join the Scuderia Hanseat course with a dedicated 964 group. Stay tuned :-)