All Pre-registration is non-committing and at no cost.

Pre-registration is the first step to participate at our events. We like to get to know you and perhaps have a chance for a breif chat. Regardsless if you like to Pre-register as Driver or Hangaround you use the same link. Just let us now if you like to Pre-register as Driver or Hangaround.

You Pre-register by using this link

If the above link does not work in your browser, just send me an e-mail to the same e-mail adress.

You will get a confirmation of your Pre-registration within 24 hours.

Payment and confirmation of your participation comes as a second step and it is first by then you commit.

Here are our Terms & Conditions for a cancellation

Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information before Pre-registering

/ Jonas


    You are all welcome regardless of you driving experience or how modified (or not) your car is.

    We will create opportunities for the less experienced as well as the "racers".

    You will need to have a valid drivers licence.


    • 964 or 993
    • 95 db limit
    • Only road registered cars
    • No slick tyres