964´s truly driven


Sometimes changes provide new opportunities even in difficult times and this is actually the story of how the 964 Tribe Hangout came about.

The "Corona storm" that came over us in March of 2020 brought many aspects of our lives and businesses to a standstill and consequently also all track activities for us that are trackday enthusiasts. This also meant that some of my friends that are track owners found themselves in a very difficult position as cancellations and strict Corona lockdown measures struck.

My passion for classic 911´s, track driving combined with being lucky to have many friends that think alike, led to the idea to create a fully compliant and "Corona safe" trackday event to, in a small way, make a contribute to our trackday ecosystem.

"The rest is history" as some say and we are now looking forward to the 5th edition of the 964 Tribe Hangout with two events celebrating our anniversary.

For 2024 and beyond we are really looking forward to grow the 964 tribe, make new friends, get inspired and share new 964 experiences togheter :-)

But I always come back to the 911. The 911 driving experience on track is enormously rewarding, especially in the more analog versions of the 911. The 964 represent really a sweet spot bridging the classic 911´s exiting driving dynamics with a much more controlled behavior and enhanced overall performance making it very easy to modified in various way turning it into quite a quick car on the right track. It has a lot of character and personality and offer a pure driving experience where the driver input and skill is key to a decent pace.


Needless to say, the latest 911´s are of course fantastic and very, very capable on track and represent an impressive proposition that also is truly challenging to take to the limit, however a vastly different from the 964´s.

I have the pleasure to enjoy some of the newer cars in ther Porsche line up as well as the "older relatives" flat out on-track. 

At my personal YouTube channel "Truly Driven" there are some videos of a few of these driving moments.

The 964 Tribe Hangout is a project based on my relationship to the 964 and it lets me share the 964 passion with you and other likeminded. I hope that 964 Tribe Hangout can be a great place for inspiration, learning new things and making new friends and I look forward to get to know you and your story next time we meet!

Jonas Nilsson

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Like most of us I have had many 911's and as we all know, you can’t just own one at a time.

The orange track tool to the left is a 964 in 993 disguise. With its lightness, stiffness, power and balance its just one of the best classic 911 experiences I have had so far. The good thing about it that it finds its way around the Nürburgring Nordschleife by itself. You just have to hang on for the ride


My passion is not collecting, its driving and experiencing the cars the way they once was built and intended for regardless if it is like a daily driver on winter tyres like the white 964 Hawaii (below) or flat out on the track.

I have over the years had the opportunity to drive everything from the latest supercars from Ferrari and McLaren, various other luxury and sports cars brands to classic cars. I have enjoyed them as daily drivers, on the road, on touring trips over the alps, on track and also occasionally raced some.


I just have a passion for 911's, especially

the air-cooled ones