964´s truly driven



Our cancellation policy for our events has been designed to cater for what we foresee to be a "business as usual" scenario for 2023 but also for a scenario with Covid-19 restrictions.

Basic terms: Once your payment is made, your registration becomes binding, and your payment is non-refundable.


Applicable for Car & Driver:

Should you not be able to join us, for whatever reason, your tickets could be transferred as per below

  • To another person named by you with a car eligible for the event (964/993) to be approved by us.
  • To someone on our potential waiting list.
  • If a transfer to another person is not possible, we may as a goodwill gesture, and depending on the booking situation, be able to issue a credit amount for a future event on certain terms. In any case we will try to find the best possible solution.

Applicable only for Co-Drivers, Passengers and Hangarounds:

Cancellation can be made latest by 30th April for a full refund. After the 30th Aprilv we may, as a goodwill gesture, and depending on commitments made to suppliers and partners, be able to issue a partial refund on certain terms. In any case we will try to find the best possible solution.

Any transfer to another person is to be confirmed by us on beforehand.

Covid- 19 regulation scenarios

  • Applicable for all - Your payment would be refundable if decisions from relevant authorities (Länsstyrelsen or the Police) legally prevent the track owners from allowing us to execute our event. Such decision is taken exclusively by the track owners.

  • Applicable only for non-Swedish citizens residing outside of Sweden - Should formal Covid-19 regulations/legislation prohibit you from entering and exiting Sweden and your country of residence at the time of the event, despite being fully vaccinated and/or taken required tests/actions, your payment will be 100% refundable. 

We monitor the development of the Covid-19 situation, and we reserve the right to make modifications to our cancellation policy without prior notice to comply with legislation, rules & regulations as they develop.

Any bookings for accommodation and/or dinner arrangements is an agreement made by yourself as participant and the Hotel and/or restaurant and is consequently beyond our control and responsibility. Please make sure to contact the hotel/restaurant for more detailed information on their cancellation policy if you have any questions.


  • 964 or 993
  • 95 db limit
  • Only road registered cars
  • No slick tyres


    You are all welcome regardless of you driving experience or how modified (or not) your car is.

    We will create opportunities for the less experienced as well as the "racers".

    You will need to have a valid drivers licence.


    The Corona storm did cast a shadow over the 2020, 2021 and also to some extent during our 2022 events.

    But togheter we made it work in a safe and orderly way for the first three years and we could enjoy three events that were fully compliant with the regulations and guidelines from the authorities.

    We all look forward to the 2023 event without any Covid-19 restrictions but should we have to, we feel confident that we once again can organize an event with all the necessary precautions inplace to keep all participants, guests and staff safe.


    When you Pre-register you will be invited to our private (closed) 964 Tribe Hangout Facebook group in order to communicate all thing related to the event, get to know eachother before the event and to get in the mood :-)

    In addition you will also be updated via e-mail and through this website with all relevant information for the event.


    In order to participate you will also have to sign our Code of Conduct and Disclaimers upon check-in to the event.