964´s truly driven


We will be driving two different tracks both very suitable for the 964´s. On Ljungbyhed we focus on driver input and driving technique in low/high speed sections and Knutstorp we work more with flow, pace and rythm.


Ljungbyhed Park is a track with challenging high and low speed sections set in a "safe" environment great for improving your driving skills.

Ljungbyhed is owned and operated by Micke Bern, CEO of the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC) and also a former Carrera Cup, STCC and 24 Hour NBR GT3 class driver.

Ljungbyhed Park is since 2021 hosting one of the rounds of the STCC with TCR cars


One of the most reputable tracks in the southern part of Sweden. Very technical and challenging and hence perfect for the 964´s and classic 911s.

Knutstorp Ring is hosting both Carrera Cup and STCC rounds since many years and Magnus Öhrström, CEO of Knutstorp, will be delighted to see us all just like last year!