964´s truly driven

WELCOME TO 23rd - 26th MAY 2024

It will be 4 great days and 3 evenings for us all to get inspired, get to know new friends and plenty of time for track & touring driving, all set in a casul and relaxed atmosphere 



Changing from the last years “Spa hotel and country style setting”, we will for this May event be getting more “urban”.

  • We will have our base in central Malmö which brings us close to the vibrant restaurant scene in this, Sweden’s 3rd largest city.
  • To follow the urbane theme, our touring day have been "upgraded" and will take us through the center of wonderful Copenhagen and its norther elegant suburbs for a few stops. First we do Cars & Coffe  and later a lunch before we head out on some great Danish country roads during the afternoon.
  • This year’s “urban style” also means that we have focused on hotels more affordable but comfortable and perfectly located in the city center of Malmö.
  • For the three dinners we have also chosen a more relaxed setting, and I am very excited to bring you, by buss from the hotels, to one of my favorite local spots in my hoods on the Friday evening.
  • For the Thursday and Saturday, we do dinner within walking distance from the hotels in Malmö. Oh yes, where to park? Don’t worry, we are working on solutions for all needs.


The format is like we always do it.

  • Arrival Day - 1st Trackday - Touring day -  2nd Trackday
  • In between we have 3 evenings togheter.

The official program starts on the Friday 24th but we also have an "arrival day" for those of you that come from further away or just like to check-in at the hotel on Thursday the 23rd to settle in and get in the mood!

No one need to think about anything. Just as always , all will be arranged from where the cars will be parked at night, how the trackdays are setup and when you need to get up in the mornings and things to do off-track for someone you might like to bring along.


    You are all welcome regardless of you driving experience or how modified (or not) your car is.

    We will create opportunities for the less experienced as well as the "racers".


    • 964 or 993
    • 95 db limit
    • Only road registered cars
    • No slick tyres