964´s truly driven


We will be driving two different tracks both very suitable for the 964´s & 993´s. Both the tracks have some exiting sections with elevation. On Sturup Raceway there will be time to work on the driver input and driving technique in low/high speed sections

and Knutstorp we work more with flow, pace and rythm.


Sturup is a tecnichal track (2.133 meters) which calls for the drivers full attention over the lap. The top speed is lower compared to Knutstorp but the overall lap is only marginal slower. Sturup also have great event facilities and will be a great place for our first trackday.

Sturup has over the years been hosting several rounds of the both the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC) as well as the Danish (DTC)


One of the most reputable tracks (2.071 meters) in the southern part of Sweden. Very technical and challenging and hence perfect for the 964´s and classic 911s.

Knutstorp Ring is hosting both Carrera Cup and STCC rounds since many years and Magnus Öhrström, CEO of Knutstorp, will be delighted to see us all just like last year!


We want to make sure that there is plenty of safe track time with high quality so we do three driving groups; Cruising, Inspired and Committed


Everyone drive at their own pace and overtaking is limited to the straights. This driving group is more about fun and having a good time. Also a great group if you are fairly new to trackdriving.


You choose this group if you already have some trackday experience and have the ambition to develope and improve your pace and momentum. You can drive at a good pace in a safe way. 


Your car is defenitley on semi slicks (R-tyres) and yuo are an skilled and experienced driver. Most importantly, you can drive among fast cars in a safe and predictable way.


We will be there to help your with your driving inputs or if you just like to pick-up a few hints for a better drivingline around any of the tracks.

We can do Follow-me laps, passenger laps, in-car coaching etc.

60 seconds of on-board at Ring Knutstorp


Depending on the conditions, we start the first part with approx. 20 min sessions for each group. Later Later we combine the Ambitious and Committed groups to do 40 min sessions and continue the Crusing group in 20 min session. The last part of the day we do open pitlane.

There will be plenty of driving. You choose a group that reflects your ambition for this event based on the car you bring and your mindset. if needed, there will be possibilities to change groups during the course of the event

How to find to the tracks

Sturup Raceway

Nötesjövägen 317, 233 91 Svedala, Sweden

Knutstorp track

X4Q6+CX V, 268 05 Svalöv, Sweden

Sturup - where to fuel up

On your way to Sturup from Malmö

98 octane

10 km before Sturup

Cirkle K, Företagsgatan 19, 233 51 Svedala

Just 2 km from Sturup Raceway

95 oktane

OKQ8 Malmö Sturup, Södra Sturupsvägen 405, 233 91 Svedala, (unmanned station) 

Knutstorp - Where to fuel up

On your way to Knutstorp from Malmö

Shell V-power

Halfway to Knutstorp, just off the E6 highway.

Shell, Marknadsvägen 1, 246 42 Löddeköpinge

Petrol at Knutstorp

95 octane in the village Kågeröd (5min)

98 oktane, 25 km away at Cirkle K, Blåbärsgatan 2, Bjuv