964´s truly driven


In this webshop you buy your tickets for our 23-26 May event. For our tickets for the Nürburgring event 2-4 September, visit the 4367 Tribute website.

The 964 Tribe Hangout events are private, ticketed events with limited tickets.  

If this will be your first visit to our events, please feel free to also send us an e-mail with a few words about your 964 or 993 passion. We want to make sure that we can welcome you in the very best way!


Choose your prefered Tickets & Passes. 

Your payment is made in our webshop by creditcard. If you need any help, see the guide below or dont hesitate contact us. You wont recived any physical ticket. Below you find a guide on which ticket to choose 

Don't forget to also book a room at one of the hotels!

    Guide on how to order your tickets

    Car & Driver

    • Choose the "Car & Driver" pass and add it to you cart. It includes all 3 days.
    • If you like, you can also, as a Driver, add a Co-driver or Passenger pass for one or two days. 
    • The Co-driver and Passenger passes are sold one for each day. Please make sure to add two 1 day passes if you like your Co-driver or Passenger to join for two days on track, i.e one for each 24th and 26th.
    • You can choose a Co-driver pass for day 1 and a Passenger pass for day 2 or vice versa.
    • If you have not decided yet on a Co-driver or Passenger, no worries. You can add this later. We will send you a reminder if you should forget :-)


    • If you are not joining as Driver (or as Co-driver or Passenger) in yourr 964 or 993 but like to join but leave the driving on track to others, please choose one of the two Hangaround passes depending if you bring a Passenger.
    • It is a 2-day pass and includes the Friday at Sturup Raceway and the 24th and the Touring day 25th. There is no standalone Touring day pass.
    • If you bring a Passenger you choose the  "7. Hangaround Driver & Passenger" pass.