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Instructions - Car & Driver

  • Choose the "Car & Driver" pass and add it to you cart.
  • If you like, you can also, as a Driver, add a Co-driver (CD) or Passenger (P) pass for one or two days.
  • The CD and P passes are sold one for each day. Please make sure to add two 1 day passes if you like your CD or P to join for two days on track, i.e one for each 19th and 21st.
  • You can choose a CD pass for day 1 and a P pass for day 2 or vice versa.
  • If you have not decided yet on a CD or P, no worries. You can add this later but please latest by 23rd April. We will send you a reminder if you should forget :-)

Instructions - Hangaround

  • If you are not joining as Driver (or as Co-driver or Passenger) but like to join but leave the driving on track to others, please choose the Hangaround pass.
  • 1-day pass can only be purschased for the Friday 19th. The Touring day on the 20th is then included. 
  • The Touring day requires a Hangaround pass.
  • 2-day Hangout pass (19th & 21st) comes in a package.
  • Place one order for each person that like to join as Hangaround

Our tickets are limited. Sales is open until tickets are sold out.

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Once you have made your purchase, an invoice with payment instructions will be sent to you. Apart from traditional money transfer you will also be able to pay via PayPal or by creditcard.

Once we have recived your payment your place is guaranteed and your registration is completed. We will send you a confirmation.

No tickets will be distributed or is needed at check-in at the event.

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