This is an overview of the 4 days 18th to 21st May


  • Check-in and 1st trackday track driving at Sturup Raceway
  • After-drive and then the main dinner at the hotel in Ystad. Plenty of time to do a a few drinks after dinner as well.

SATURDAY 20th - Touring day

  • Late breakfast and some lazy hanging out together during the day. We will do some touring driving on nice roads with a couple of stop and lunch along the way.
  • You can as a Driver bring a Co-driver or Passenger during the day at no extra cost.
  • Relaxed dinner in the evening at the hotel


  • 2nd track day at Ring Knutstorp


program will be available

THURSDAY 18th - (arrival day- optional)

  • Arrival day and check-in at the hotel for those of you that join far from here. Come early and enjoy a day at the wonderful Spa at Ystad Saltsjöbad hotel. 
  • No official activities during the day but we catch-up in the afternoon for a few beers and a casual dinner.