964´s truly driven

21st - 23rd MAY 2022

It will be 3 great days and evenings for us all to get inspired, get to know new friends and plenty of time for serious track driving.

No one need to think about anything. Just like last year, all will be arranged ranging from where the cars will be parked at night, how the trackdays are setup and when you need to get up in the mornings :-)

The official program starts on the Saturday but your are most welcome to arrive at the hotel on the Friday to settle in and get in the mood!

FRIDAY 20th - (pre-event day)

  • Arrival day and check-in at the hotel for those of you that join far from here.
  • No official activities during the day but we catch-up in the afternoon for a few beers and early dinner. 


  • Check-in and track driving at Ljungbyhed
  • After-drive and then dinner in Båstad


  • Late breakfast and some lazy hanging out together during the day. We will do some touring driving on nice roads with a couple of stop along the way.
  • You can as a Driver bring a Co-driver or Passenger during the day at no extra cost.
  • Dinner in the evening at the hotel


  • Track driving at Knutstorp


    You are all welcome regardless of you driving experience or how modified (or not) your car is.

    We will create opportunities for the less experienced as well as the "racers".


    • 964 or 993
    • 95 db limit
    • Only road registered cars
    • No slick tyres