21 - 23 MAY 2022

We look forward to further grow the 964 Tribe Hangout in May 2022 on the other side of the Corona storm and hope to see you and many more new and old friends on- and off-track.

2022 we will do a 3-day event just 100 km from Copenhagen in the very south of Sweden

Time to Pre-register !

Please feel welcome to Pre-register now.

It´s non-committing but allow you to be apart of our Pre-event Facebook group fueling our passion towards the upcoming event.

    If the link does not work, send an e-mail to jonas.nilsson@964tribehangout.com


    It will be 3 great days and evenings for us all to get inspired, get to know new friends and plenty of time for serious track driving. 2021 we could enjoy in total 8 hours of drivingtime on track.

    No one need to think about anything. Just like last year, all will be arranged ranging from where the cars will be parked at night, how the trackdays are setup and when you need to get up in the mornings :-)

    The official program starts on the Saturday but your are most welcome to arrive at the hotel on the Friday to settle in and get in the mood!

    Friday - 20th (pre-event day)

    • Arrival day and check-in at the hotel for those of you that join far from here.
    • No official activities during the day but we catch-up in the afternoon for a few beers and early dinner. 

    Saturday - 21st

    • Check-in and track driving at Ljungbyhed
    • After-drive and then dinner in Båstad

    Sunday - 22nd

    • Late breakfast and some lazy hanging out together during the day. We will do some touring driving on nice roads with a couple of stop along the way.
    • You can as a Driver bring a Co-driver or Passenger during the day at no extra cost.
    • Dinner in the evening at the hotel

    Monday - 23rd

    • Track driving at Knutstorp

    Detailed program for on- and off-track acitivites will be presented in detail. Stay tuned! 


      All of you guys that make the effort to join us from abroad will of course be taken care of like super important relatives. We will guide you on what to do prior and after the event if you like.

      This also goes for all you Danish and Norwegian guys :-)


        You are all welcome regardless of you driving experience or how modified (or not) your car is. We will create opportunities for the less experienced as well as the "racers". The important thing is that you feel welcome to join the relaxed and friendly hangout format 


        • 95 db limit 
        • Only road registered cars
        • No slick tyres
        • Waiver needs to signed
        • Code of Conduct to be signed


          Here is all the information you need.

          Make sure you book as soon as possible to get a room :-)

          The hotel is located in Båstad less than 70 km northwest from both tracks and approx. 150 km from Copenhagen along the E6 highway

          THE TRACKS

          We will be driving two different tracks which are located approx. 50-100 km from Copenhagen but fairly close to each other.

          Ljungbyhed Park

          Ljungbyhed Park is a track with challenging high and low speed sections set in a "safe" environment.

          Ljungbyhed is owned and operated by Micke Bern, CEO of the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC) and also a former Carrera Cup, STCC and 24 Hour NBR GT3 class driver.

          Ljungbyhed Park will be hosting one of the rounds of the STCC in 2021.

          Knutstorp Ring

          One of the most reputable tracks in the southern part of Sweden. Very technical and challenging and hence perfect for the 964´s and classic 911s.

          Knutstorp Ring is hosting both Carrera Cup and STCC rounds since many years and Magnus Öhrström, CEO of Knutstorp, will be delighted to see us all just like last year!


          Both tracks are approx. 100 km from Copenhagen located 20 km apart from each other.


          We have four great ways for you to join the event.

          (Please note that prices at this point are indicative)

          Driver & Car - 4.500 SEK

          • Track access for two full days on the track
          • Track security team with marshals
          • Lunch and coffee for both days
          • Experienced instructors to guide and inspire you.
          • Photographers on site for great shots

          Co-driver - 1.000 SEK/day

          New offer for 2022! The thinking behind the Co-driver offer is to make it possible to share the on-track driving experience with your spouse, children or a friend.

          • You are welcome on the track both in the driver seat and the passenger seat.
          • You split the track time as you like between the Driver and the Co-driver and drive in one of the three groups. 
          • Please note that both Driver and Co-driver will be driving in the same group so the least experienced of the two determines in what group you drive.
          • During open pitlane you can drive the car as much as you like.
          • Lunch and coffee is included
          • You can choose one or both days on the track

          Passenger - 500 SEK/day

          If you want to catch the on-track action but only from the passenger seat, the Passenger offer is the one to go for.

          • As passenger you are welcome on the track in the passenger seat but not as a driver due to safety concerns.
          • Lunch and coffee is included
          • You can choose one or both days on the track

          Hangaround - 500 SEK/day

          If you are a part of our tribe and like to hangout but leave the driving on track to others for this event, you are welcome to join us as Hangaround. 

          • If you arrive with your 964, 993 or classic 911 you will get parked among the other cars participating on track.
          • And of course, if you are a Hangaround, you are also invited to hangout and stay at the hotel where we all stay to join the dinner and evening activities.
          • Lunch and coffee is included